3 Pack - 2.125" Top / 1" Basket, Stainless Steel Slop, Utility, Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Strainer. 1/16" Holes.

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  • 3 PACK
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  • Slop, Utility, Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Strainer made of quality rust-resistant, durable and reliable stainless steel. Perfect for small sinks for daily usage for long lasting protection against drainage clogging.
  • 2.125” Top diameter. Also comes with metal flat rim to fit over sink's drain. Great for American families’ small kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Basket Style design with 1/16" holes at the bottom. Efficient anti-clogging strainer lets liquid flow into the drain while it blocks particles. Awesome kitchen and sink item. Simple and small design. Allows to be cleaned easily without hassles.