2 Pack - 2.125" Top / 1.25" Basket, Rust Proof Stainless Steel Bathroom Sink, Lavatory, Slop and Utility Sink Hair Catcher Drain Strainer Hair

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Basket Style design with 1/16" holes at the bottom. Efficient anti-clogging strainer lets liquid flow into the drain while it blocks particles. Awesome kitchen and sink item. Simple and small design. Allows to be cleaned easily without hassles.

2.125” Top diameter, 1.25" Basket. - 2 Drain Strainers with reclosable poly bag

Comes with metal flat rim to fit over sink's drain. Great for small kitchen and bathroom sinks. Slop, Utility, Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Strainer made of quality rust-resistant, durable and reliable stainless steel. Perfect for small sinks for daily usage for lo

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