2 Pack - 1" Wide Highline Premium Bristle Paint Brushes…

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Premium Synthetic Bristle Brushes provide smooth touches and finishes to your painting needs. 1 Inch Brush provides better precision for small touch ups, such as for edges and corners. Great paint brushes for wide variety of uses for paining, stains, varnish, acrylic and gesso. Smooth wooden handle and sturdy tin ferrules provide comfortable grip and strong brush filaments. Excellent quality filaments can hold paints well. Each brush is made with double layered filaments, long and short. Which helps provides more fines and precision for your painting needs. Easy to clean filaments. Make them perfect to be used again for several times.

**All "HIGHLINE" brand paint brushes are carefully manufactured OEM and inspected by Hilltop Products to meet our quality standard**

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